2 – Investing in European horror films.

All investments are subject to risk. By diversifying your investments and investing for an appropriate time frame you may significantly reduce risk and also get higher returns. Have you ever considered investing in European horror films?

It is usually said that movies are a risky business. But looking back in the recent years, the highest risk (and perhaps the worst business decisions) came from highly praised companies and institutions worldwide… from Merrill Lynch to Lehman Brothers, from General Motors to the BP disaster, from the mortgage crisis to Greece’s collapse. Countries defaulted and currencies are still struggling. So, an outdated way of thinking tells us that movies are too risky. Reality, however, simply shows that in the 21st century global economy, risk is everywhere. Technology trends and Wall Street stocks change in the blink of an eye. Movies, on the other hand, are a product that you see and feel.

We work on a different level: we are an essential part of the entertainment business.

Horror movies are, traditionally, the genre with the highest return on investment rate. Why?

  • First because we rely less on the most expensive production asset of all: the stars. Comedy, drama, action movies and other genres need stars. Horror movies do not. Think about the genre’s biggest worldwide hits in the last 15 years THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT or PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. No stars. Now go all the way back to the classics like HALLOWEEN, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE or NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and again: no stars. Think about the best European horror films in the last ten years, [REC], LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, LA HORDE and many others… no stars.
  • Second because our greatest asset is creativity. Those who come to us, come for a scary story.

We have audiences all over the world eager to experience new stories, new setups and new scares. The demand for innovation is enormous while at the same time, audiences flock to theaters to watch the classics remade. Not everybody loves horror… but still a lot of people do. The genre is one of the most stable of them all. Westerns and musicals come and go. Horror remains.

  • Third, horror is the kind of experience that audiences hardly find outside film and literature. Comedy and action are available in many other mediums (in Television, for example). But for horror, people go to the movies before anything else.
  • Fourth, no matter what you hear, lots of people love horror. Horror is the extreme sports of the soul. We need horror in order to enhance our experience of the world. Everybody needs some kind of horror in order to balance the influx of all other genres.

These are only some of the reasons why horror is such a popular genre – and such a serious business.

Yes, movies can sometimes look like a risky business… but here at BAD BEHAVIOR we follow the market very closely in order to better understand its needs and possibilities.  We work hard creating new concepts and storylines that will generate in the audience that well-known feeling of “wow, I must see this”. In other words, we do our best to make horror films that are in perfect tune with the market – therefore, keeping your investment safer.

European horror today is going through a great phase. We have successfully shown the world that we do not compete with Hollywood. Why? Because we offer stories and styles not found in America. We are more cost efficient and we make films that are more daring and unusual. Think about Sweden’s LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, France’s MARTYRS and HIGH TENSION, Spain’s [REC] and THE ORPHANAGE. European cinema has shown it can create scary experiences that touch the spine of film goers worldwide.

At BAD BEHAVIOR, we are committed to making some of the European horror classics of tomorrow. We are working hard to give you amazing films with new concepts. We are looking for investors who share our vision and will work with us on making those films. We offer the security of passion for what we are doing; the security of being close to the market; the security of being close to our audiences; the security of being a small company where you know what we are doing; the security of a careful management of your investment.

We want you with us on this great journey.

Paulo Leite.

Creative Producer.



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